DryKewl Dog Cooling Pad

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Dog Cooling Pad

This cooling pad uses the HyperKewl fabric and seperate inserts. Therefore, your dog and the pad will remain 100% dry. You simply soak the cooling inserts into water for 1-2 minutes and then gently squeeze out the excess water.  You place the inserts back into the cooling pad and the pad will cool your dog for 5 - 10 hours.

The inserts can be recharged and your dog can enjoy again the cooling.

The cooling pad is lightweight, fully charged the weigth is only 600 grams.

The mat cools 10-15°C cooler than the ambient temperature.

This cooling pad is available in the following sizes:

Size Dimensions
XS 38 x 51 cm
S 48 x 61 cm
M 53 x 76 cm
L 58 x 91 cm
XL 71 x 107 cm
XXL 81 x 122 cm
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