Hunter Dog Toy Aqua Palu

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Dog Toy Aqua Palu

Dogs love toys! Make sure your dog gets a small present every now and then. Your four-legged friend will surely love the Aqua Palu dog toy, because he can even play with it in water. The Aqua Palu dog toy is available in three shapes: Choose between a fish, an octopus or a turtle. The toy is made of nylon, cotton and polyester. Therefore, it is easy to clean and is completely waterproof. In addition, it floats and does not sink in water. Your dog can play with the Aqua Palu himself, or you can throw the toy and let him retrieve it. It's fun to play both on land and in the water! The different materials used encourage your dog to play.

There is a choice of different figures:

Model Figure Dimensions
1 Fish 32 cm
2 Octopus 27 cm
3 Turtle 30 cm

Tips for use: This dog toy is not suitable as a chew toy. Never leave your pet unattended while playing. No toy is indestructible. Check the toy regularly for damage or loose parts to prevent injury and replace the toy if necessary.

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