HyperKewl Kewlshirt ™ Cooling T-Shirt

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Kewlshirt ™ Cooling T-Shirt

This KewlShirt ™ T shirt is designed to be worn on the skin to maximize cooling capacity.

The product is made of Spandex with HyperKewl ™ cooling fabric and waterproof nylon.

The t-shirt has built-in ventilation openings in the front and in the back. It is best to wear it under a breathable sport shirt. You immerse this t-shirt in water for 1 minute after which it is ready for use.

The t-shirt is then ready for use and will cool you for 5-10 hours.

This cooling vest cools by evaporating the water and can be reactivated and used without any problems after use.

Colour black.

Information about the different cooling techniques can be found here .

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