Kurgo Dog Toy Skipping Stones

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Dog Toy Skipping Stones

This dog toy consists of a set of two skipping stones. These are made in the form of stones. The nice thing about this is that you can make them bounce on water, just like you would with real rocks. This makes it extra fun for you and your dog. An ideal fetch toy for the dog in and on the water.

The dog toy does not absorb water, floats and cannot sink. It is made of guaranteed non-toxic material and is free of PVC.

The skipping stones have different colors, each color has a different shape. Supplied assorted, no choice of color is possible.

Dimensions: approx. L 7.5 x W 5 x H 4 cm.

Tips for use: This dog toy is not suitable as a chew toy. Never leave your pet unattended while playing. No toy is indestructible. Check the toy regularly for damage or loose parts to prevent injury and replace the toy if necessary.

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