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Self-cooling Cooling Mat Dog Arctic Comfort

This cooling mat for dogs is a forerunner to all its look-a-likes when it comes to cooling and quality. This cooling mat is no less than two cm thick and is made up of different compartments so that the cooling gel remains evenly distributed when the dog lies on it. In addition, these compartments are well filled so that this mat has a long-lasting cooling effect. The outer material of the Arctic Comfort cooling mat is made of Dracon; durable and extra strong!

How does this cooling mat work?

A big advantage of this product is that you don't actually have to do anything with it. It doesn't need a towel and it doesn't need to be placed in a fridge, freezer or container with water to keep it cool. The Arctic Comfort cooling mat does this all by itself. When you place your hand on the cooling mat yourself, you will already feel a little cool, but when your dog lies down with his weight on the cooling mat, the cooling gel is activated and becomes even cooler.

What size do I need?

That is of course a broad concept! Does your dog prefer to lie down? Then choose a size larger, but the advice is as follows;

  • 50x32 - Suitable for dogs such as Yorkshire Terrier, Jack Russel, Chichuahua etc.
  • 60x45 - Suitable for dogs such as Beagle, West Highland Terrier, Miniature Poodle etc.
  • 75x55 - Suitable for dogs such as Shelti, Whippet, Tibetan Terrier etc.
  • 90x65 - Suitable for dogs such as Border Collie, Labrador, Boxer etc
  • 110x70 - Suitable for dogs such as Bernese Senne, German Shepherd, Doberman etc
Size Dimensions Number of compartments Weight
XS 50 x 32cm 2 2 kg
S 60 x 45cm 2 3.5 kg
M 75 x 55cm 3 4 kg
L 90 x 65cm 3 6 kg
XL 110x70cm 4 9 kg
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