EQDOG Dog Cooling Vest Blue

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Dog Cooling Vest Blue

This is a superbly made cooling vest for your dog, that will cool your dog in an innovative way. By using the materials very smartly, you just to make the cooling vest damp. It will start cooling your dog's dog by moisture evaporation . As long as the vest is damp, it will cool your dog !

The vest has been designed superbly, offering a sleek design that will cover all your dog's important organs. It is very easy to put the vest on or off.

The special nylon material breathes, cools when damp, absorbs moisture very fast and has mesh on the inside.

Without any doubt, this is the most advanced cooling vest available today.

Color: blue. 

Available in the following sizes: 

Size  Max. Girth  Back Length
XXS 45 cm 23 cm
XS 64 cm 29 cm
S 72 cm 41 cm
M 90 cm 49 cm
L 100 cm 54 cm
XL 110 cm 60 cm

Measure before you order, klick here how to determine the correct size.

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